Investment sites

The Csíkszereda Town Council has expressed, on multiple occasions, its desire to attract new capital and economic power via investors from both home and abroad, thus creating new work places and enhancing the trade-flow in the region. Although several production units and retail outlets have been established in the past years, disused industrial sites, factory buildings and halls can still be found within the town's administrative area. For this reason the Town Hall of Csíkszereda has identified the unused buildings, collected basic information from the owners and grouped these buildings according to the several urban zones:

In the Western Industrial District are the most industrial function buildings (halls, warehouses and other premises) which become unused  due to the forced industrialization during the communist regime and the partial collapse that followed. The empty buildings, fulfilling other functions situated in the Western Industrial District are provided with full infrastructure (running water, sewage, gas, industrial current). As from an urbanistic point of view these premises are situated in an industrial area, in case of investments targeting production and service activities the Town Council can use simplified procedure for the issue of the construction permit.

The former Eastern Industrial District is nearer the town-centre and residential areas; therefore, it has a smaller production activity. In this district, the planned modifications aim to replace its industrial function into new ones relying on service, central- or near-central functions, among the main aspects of which can be mentioned: administration, commerce, education, healthcare, town centre tourism, public and other facilities with partially residential destination, etc. On the sites situated in the Western and Eastern Industrial Districts brownfield investments can be implemented.

The next group contains a number of buildings, which are situated in the town centre. These have been selected due to their dimensions and/or representative status.

There are also other sites listed, which are situated mostly in the outskirts of the town (Jigodin, Harghita Băi), which may be suitable for touristic and other types of service-investments.

After enumerating the sites proper, districts are presented that are suitable for investments targeting the introduction of residential as well as service functions and activities (wholesale, logistic and commercial services, human services, etc.), according to the applicable regulations stipulated in the General Urban Plan (GUP). These broader districts are sites recommended for residential functions and sites recommended for service functions.

For more information, please explore the online version of the General Urbanistic Plan !!hu/h1/41/alt.-varosrendezesi-terv.html