Csíkszereda and its surroundings have undergone significant changes in the last decade. The Local Council has carried out investments that contribute to the improvement of the town's aspect and infrastructure, a target facilitated by European Union projects, as well.

Supporting mass sports along with professional sports is also regarded as a priority: a modern sports arena and a water polo size indoor swimming pool have been built in the last five years.

Schools have been modernised, a compelling example being the full refurbishment of the building that houses the Roman Catholic Grammar School. The archaeological prospection, restoration and rehabilitation of the Mikó Castle and its surroundings took place in 2011-2012. In the past two years the most important squares, playgrounds and the pedestrian precinct of the town have been newly paved, together with the modernisation of the underlying pipe system and the replacement of the street furniture. Bypasses are being built; hundreds of buildings have been insulated from loss of heat – a project carried out in partnership with the Local Council.

The County Emergency Hospital annually provides medical aid for more than 20,000 in-patients as well as for more than 120,000 outpatients and cases of emergency. Ten wards of the hospital have been refurbished, medical tools and instruments have been purchased in the past three years. There are over 30 consulting rooms, more than 20 dental surgeries and laboratories in the town.

Banks, cafés, shops and office buildings have been refurbished in the town centre. Besides cultural and educational investments, the Local Council has supported companies providing public services with capital financing. Harvíz Rt., the regional water management company, has launched an infrastructural investment of more than ten million euros, aiming to modernise the entire water and sewerage pipeline network of the Ciuc Basin.

The complex infrastructural refurbishment of Harghita Băi is to be supported by a European Union project, the objective of which is the modernisation of the streets, electrical network and the car parks in the resort. The prospective opening of a therapeutic centre in Harghita Băi, the various facilities for summer and winter sports, together with the indoor swimming pool, the multifunctional sports arena, the ice rink and the international sports events, make it possible for Csíkszereda to aim at gaining the reputation of a sports town recognised both at national and international level, which offers adequate facilities for sports activities in all seasons of the year, for professionals and amateurs alike.

It can be seen that the strengths of Csíkszereda easily surpass its size, regardless whether its economic, cultural, religious or sports dimensions are considered. The Local Council encourages investors to choose our town with correct, fast and predictable procedures for any kind of investment.