Str. Hunyadi János nr. 26

The conversion of the halls belonging to the tractor factory in the former eastern industrial site started approximately in 2008. A 1B+G levelled shopping centre with completed but unexecuted plans, and a G+1 levelled parking garage (in half-finished state), not far away from the town centre.


a. Building (building footprint area): 45 280 m2 (14 000 m2 GLA)
b. Land: 36 729 m2

GUP regulation:
administrative, commercial, cultural, educational, healthcare, finance and bank functions, as well as functions connected with tourism, residential and leisure time activities, public transport infrastructure, multi-storey parking garage, green belt, services meeting the needs of residential areas.

Infrastructure available:
industrial current, water, gas and sewage networks

Selling price:
5 000 000 EUR

Contact information:
North Gate Plaza Srl, Hanan Shraiter, tel: +40 730 031146, email: hanan@plazacenters.ro

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