Jigodin Băi, f.n., on the land situated between Braşovului Street and Jigodin Băi

A relatively new hall, which bears the name given by the Nestlé mineral water bottling company, the investor that had the hall built it at the end of the 1990s. For a few years mineral water was bottled in the hall.


a. Buildings (usable floor area): 3783 m2, of which

1. hall: 3355 m2
2. office rooms: 388 m2

b. Land: 40 200 m2

GUP regulation:
institutions and services, administrative, financial and bank services, functions connected with trade, religion, education, healthcare, sport, urban tourism and the infrastructure of public transport

Infrastructure available:
industrial current, water, gas and sewage networks, access to Internet


- selling price: 1 000 000 EUR
- rental: 2 EUR/m2

Contact information:
tel: +40 728 863412, email:

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