Ciba, 300 m off the main road

buildings belonging to a former wood processing company, situated 300 m off the main road. Buildings with G, G+1 levels, factory hall, warehouse, central heating unit, transformer house, gatekeeper’s lodge, administrative building


a. Buildings (building footprint area): 5873.6 m2

1. administrative building: 428 m2, G+M
2. gatekeeper’s lodge: 16.6 m2
3. production hall A: 1050 m2, interior height: 5.5 m
4. production hall B, new part: 1860 m2, interior height: 7.5 m
5. production hall B, old part: 846 m2, interior height: 3.5 m
6. warehouse: 932 m2, interior height: 3.5 m
7. boiler house: 225 m2, interior height: 5.5 m
8. transformer house: 88 m2

b. Land: 95 360 m2

GUP regulation:
residential area, commercial activities, technical services, financial and bank services, cultural, healthcare, religious, educational, sport and leisure time activities, functions connected with the infrastructure of public transport

Infrastructure available:
industrial current, water and gas networks, own waste water treatment facility

Selling price:

- buildings and land (17 264 m2): 169 425 EUR
- land: 155 834 EUR

Contact information:
tel: +40 268 547255, +40 722 379082, email:

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